Allmighty English

The blogging world has found its flagship: English language. Every counter, top-100 lists and internet expert will certify that there is a one and only speech to rule them all. Globalisation has arrived: If you want to communicate to the outside world, do it in English or give it up.

The American invented the weblogs, so what? Is that a reason why we all have to follow their example, forget our roots and try to survive somehow in the www? No. You could ask right now why I am writing in English, if I’m criticizing the monopoly it beholds. Well that is an easy answer: I do not have a choice.

It has become undeniable that this is the only method, it does not matter if it is right or wrong. To succeed in the world of communication, from the most humble blog to the biggest grossing movie, you will have to adapt yourself to the true owner of the media: The language. Therefore better learn how to comfort our lord English, or forget about buying yourself a slice of bread.

Most readers will be shocked about this crude words, but it is reality which should have shocked us when we realized how many light-years there are between us and the US media. However we should use our chance now to change the panorama and give our own ideas in our own words a chance. We should not eat everything chewed by US communication theories and think a bit for ourselves.

Do not get a wrong idea: I think that it is crucial to learn English to be at the same level with others in the blogosphere. My only concern is about forgetting what beauty embodies to speak our own language, despite not reaching the biggest audience. Forget about quantity from time to time.

(Written by Eduardo Cohn)


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Una respuesta a “Allmighty English

  1. alex

    As always it depends to whom you are directing your message, if you want an international audience then in English please, your local languange with it nuances could also be translated with the discount of the: traductore = traitore. On the other hand the international language is bad-English, no one is speaking well, and about writing: better avoid any comment. Now we come to the core: What is important? The message or the medium? I let to you the clarification.


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